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Point Standings

Welcome to the Point Standings. Here you will find the point standings from the 2020 (virtual) season.

If for some reason if your name appears in the listings twice it is normally because it was entered incorrectly in one or more of your race. If you see an error like this send us an email with the correct spelling, race class and the races you have entered.

Structure of points series

  • Points for all 4 races were combined.

  • Points are awarded to the finishers in each class based on 20 pts. for 1st, 19 pts. for 2nd, 18 pts. for 3rd, etc.

  • One point will be awarded to those finishing 20th place and below.

  • The last race of the series break ties. (Example: Racer 1 & Racer 2 both have 100pts after the last race points are calculated. The winner of that last race is the series winner).

    • If neither racer race the last race. The racer who completed the most races in the series is the series winner.

    • If they have the same amount of completed races. The racer with the most 1st places, 2nd places or 3rd places, etc. will win.

    • If still tied the racer who completed the last race is declared the winner. If they both race the same last race, that race will be the tie breaker.

2020 (virtual) Cross Country

Due to COVID-19 only one race was held under the orignal format with three virtual races. The virtual races were compleated by uploading a ride to Strava and the time was taken from the GPS data. All four of these races are included in the final results.

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