West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

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Race Information Race Season/Week Info

Typical WVMBA Cross Country (XC) race season


Below is a typical schedule. Times and dates might vary. Always contact the race promoter if you have any questions or concerns about an individual race.

Most WVMBA Cross Country Races are on Sundays and start at noon. We do have a few on Saturday to accommodate our Enduro series.



January: Race schedule should be posted during this month.


January – March: On-line registrations starts opening for races.



Weekend before the race: Race venues start marking the race course for pre-riding. Some venues will have a trail work day leading up to their event. This is a great time to earn some Pay Dirt points. Contact the race promoter for more details.


If there are any last minute changes to a race WVMBA will post them on our news page ASAP.


Wednesday before the race: On-line registration ends



Friday - Saturday: Some venues offer camping. This is a great time to pitch a tent, spend some time with your WVMBA family and pre-ride the course.



Race day (typically Sunday): At registration/check-in be sure to make note of the schedule as it might vary between races. The race schedule is set by the promoter NOT WVMBA. It is the racers responsibility to confirm any race details & times with the promoter or a volunteer.


9:00am:  On-site registration opens (register on-line to save yourself time. It helps everyone!)

11:30am: On-Site registration closes

11:45am: Pre-race meeting (usually near the start line). All racers will be expected to attend this meeting. Important race information will be discussed at this time and any questions you might have can be answered at this time.

12:00pm: Start of the Expert field

12:02pm: Start of the Sport field

12:04pm: Start of the Beginner field

1:00pm: Racers begin to roll into the finish line. Most venues have food available at this time.

3:00pm: Most racers are finished by this time and awards follow ASAP. Please stick around for the awards regardless if you podium or not. The race promoters and sponsors appreciate you being there!


Race Results will be posted on-line ASAP!


Thanks for racing a WVMBA scanctioned event!


















What you should expect from a typical WVMBA cross country (XC) race season.