West Virginia Mountain Bike Association

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Race Information Race Number Standards

Race Numbers

Race numbers

  • Racers are given the opportunity to select their number for the year when joining WVMBA.  Numbers are assigned first come first served, with the exception of numbers 1 - 10.
  • Numbers are assigned based on the following:
    • Pro/Expert Class:  1-199, 1-5 and 101-105 reserved for top Pro/Ex Men and Women
    • Sport Class:  200-699
    • Beginner Class:   700 - 999
  • Last year's top Pro/Expert finishers are automatically assigned numbers 1-5 and 101-105 unless they request otherwise.

Rules For Number Plates:

  • No changes or alterations to a WVMBA number plate are permitted. This includes cutting down size of plate, placing stickers on number plate and any type of writing on plate. If any number plate has been changed from it's original state, a replacement fee of $20.00 for a new number plate will charged to the racer that the number plate was original assigned too and said racer can not compete in a WVMBA event until the plate is replaced.
  • Every rider is required to use the same number plate at each WVMBA event. If a new number plate is required by a racer due to original number plate being lost, left at home or stolen the racer will be charged a $20.00 replacement fee.
  • If plate is lost during a race please notify an WVMBA official after finishing the race. If number plate cannot be located, a new plate will be issued at no charge.