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2001 Series Standings

Men: [Expert] [Vet Expert] [Jr Expert] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Jr. Sport] [Junior] [Masters] [Clydes]
Women: [Pro/Expert] [Exp Vet] [Exp Jr] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr] [Junior] [Masters]

Racers are scored on their best 7 WVMBA Point Series Races plus their score in the WVMBA Championship Race. Racers must participate in at least 5 point series races to qualify.

Mens Jr. Sport
Rank Name #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Best 7
1Matt McDonald2002000191300191918202020157Yes
2Danny Wilson1701918020192020002012019155Yes
3Brian Fawley001515200201800019191818147Yes
4Adam Lewis18201620131717001801618014142Yes
5Thomas Kripcak16017171613001801713171917138Yes
6Sean Hribal00016141818000201714016133Yes
7Chris Phillips151812130121417014015161715127Yes
8Anthony Delander00912151101400181415150103Yes
9Matt Ashburn1901819001601900000091Yes
10Sam Cunningham0014141914000001200073Yes
11Chris Johnson1300017000000111101264Yes
12Caleb Enright001301816150000000062No
13Tyson Price120110015019000000057No
14Lucas Chandler00000001216000016044No
15Hank Hendrix110100010010000000041No
16Tyler Reardon0000000001616000032No
17Dylan Judy0000000001714000031No
18Geoffrey King0000000131700000030No
19Brandon Lilly1400000000000001327No
20Chordin Detrich0000000001115000026No
21Garrett Stout0001100011000000022No
22Chris Dobroth000000000200000020No
23Ryan Clifton019000000000000019No
24Casey Wilcox000000016000000016No
25AJ Kray000000000150000015No
25Andrew Smolak000000015000000015No
27Josh Brenneman000000000130000013No
27Kurt Gumbert000000000000130013No
29Ian Ahearn000000000100000010No
29Eric Serdoz100000000000000010No
31Oliver Duncan0000000900000009No
31Calvin Edson0000000009000009No
31Ryan Kelly9000000000000009No
34JT Ahearn0000000008000008No
34Jason Blue0000000800000008No
36Galen Green0000000007000007No
36Nathan Malcomb0000000700000007No
38Joey Varnell0000000600000006No

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