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2001 Series Standings

Men: [Pro/Expert] [Exp Vet] [Exp Jr] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr] [Junior] [Masters] [Clydes]
Women: [Pro/Expert] [Exp Vet] [Exp Jr] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr] [Junior] [Masters]

Racers are scored on their best 7 WVMBA Point Series Races plus their score in the WVMBA Championship Race. Racers must participate in at least 5 point series races to qualify.

Mens Vet Expert
Rank Name #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 Best 7
1Steve Thaxton200201715191619201801820019155Yes
2Mike Boyes191718181718171419121917161618146Yes
3Brocc Kaylor000140161818180020191917145Yes
4Allen Moore1700201815120140016121514129Yes
5Don Ciampanelli001616017110015013171316123Yes
6David Witt15181401414512090110913111Yes
7Matt Ross001519160717130000170104Yes
8Bob Vernon1819191500000000150086Yes
9Rob Gaus000019201920000000078No
10Scott Root000000901500191301571Yes
11Mike Capraro00000020002000020060No
12Steve Hetherington00000000019000182057No
13Dowain Ford00171300016000000046No
14Gunnar Shogren0000200000000180038No
15Rick Elkins0000008130001500036No
16Paul Stahman0000001501700000032No
17John Majors0000000000001414028No
18John Hart0000000001400011025No
18Mike Kline0000000001300012025No
18Joe Wharton0000001015000000025No
21Danny Camden020000000000000020No
21Thomas Joseph000000000020000020No
23Ed Dickenson000000000170000017No
24Larry Belcher160000000000000016No
24Ben Lorenzo000000001600000016No
24Mark Myracle000000000160000016No
27Sam Dyke000000000001400014No
27Steve Hunter000000140000000014No
29Patrick Riggins000000130000000013No
30Croag Brian000000000001200012No
31Mike Baker000000000110000011No
32Mark Elsasser000000000000010010No
32Jamie Fitzgerald000000000100000010No
34Frank Wuerthole0000006000000006No

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