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1999 Series Standings

Men: [Pro/Expert] [Expert Vet] [Expert Jr.] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr.] [Masters] [Clydesdale]
Women: [Pro/Expert] [Expert Vet] [Expert Jr.] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr.] [Masters]

Racers scored on their best 8 WVMBA Point Series Races and must participate in at least 5 to qualify. Double points awarded for The Big Bear Classic WVMBA Series championship.

Name 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 Total Top 8 Qual
Jonathan Martin1010910901009881071611684Yes
Brett Hixson98100009910109010109477Yes
Kevin Leyh0050706079489207571Yes
Eric McCumbers796787773560588560Yes
Ryan Hobbs0079108885300005858Yes
Collin Fridley0680005644066145955Yes
Nick Waite50106001080050124747Yes
Brady Campbell873855002232145043Yes
Adam Childers00000100000109002929No
Jeremy Rowand0000000000008182626No
Bucky Murray440030231000262525Yes
Scot Cardwell602500300001001717Yes
Billy Armstrong000006006014001717No
Anthony Schwartz000010050703001616No
Shanti Leisure000009000050001414No
Summer Welch000000000670001313No
Joe Goff024600000000001212No
Morgan Wickline350000040000001212No
Tyler Wells130000420000001010No
John Lancione0000000000070077No
Jonas Anderson0000000001204077No
Jordan Wenger2000400000000066No
Jeff Richard0000040000000044No
Shawn Bell0000000000003033No
Ben Deprospero0000200000000022No
Jonathan Tracey0100000000000011No

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