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1999 Series Standings

Men: [Pro/Expert] [Expert Vet] [Expert Jr.] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr.] [Masters] [Clydesdale]
Women: [Pro/Expert] [Expert Vet] [Expert Jr.] [Sport] [Sport Vet] [Sport Jr.] [Masters]

Racers scored on their best 8 WVMBA Point Series Races and must participate in at least 5 to qualify. Double points awarded for The Big Bear Classic WVMBA Series championship.

Name 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 Total Top 8 Qual
Steve Thaxton68999067101010591811684Yes
Matt Marcus57500380709108167870Yes
Brocc Kaylor00800910109658587868Yes
Mike Boyes867888796073748862Yes
Allen Moore90000498043710106461Yes
Matt Ross00001005009840205656Yes
James Critchley0047660605460125652Yes
Timothy Willis1096600000000003131No
Lew McGrath203551005060002727Yes
Ed Dickenson00010010000020002222No
Paul Stahman0000070000000142121No
E.J. Sigety01010000000000002020No
John Majors000070000700401818No
Pat Riggin000000008010021111No
Chip Lortz0000000000090099No
Daryll McKenzie0000000008000088No
Scott Root7000000000000077No
Richard Watts4000000003000077No
Steve Hutter0000000000000666No
Bob Vernon0000000000006066No
Jim McCoig0000050000000055No
Paul Broughton0000000500000055No
Gregg McWilliams0000000000003033No
Laird Knight3000000000000033No
Todd Waltz0000020000000022No

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